Let Us Help You Get Your Nonprofit Started

Let Us Help You Get Your Nonprofit Started

We offer financial planning & payroll solutions in Salem, OR

Are you starting a nonprofit organization? There are a lot of legal intricacies that you must take into account before you can move forward. Before you make a mistake, reach out to the experts at Vanlue, PC Certified Public Accountant. We'll make sure that you satisfy all necessary requirements and reporting so you can focus on your mission.

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Managing a nonprofit organization can be more challenging than you realize. The accounting experts at Vanlue will help you by:

  • Establishing the correct asset classifications
  • Implementing donation tracking systems
  • Designing, installing and maintaining a fund accounting system
  • Developing processes and management controls for bookkeeping
  • Managing payroll services
  • Preparing financial statements
  • Preparing and filing tax forms

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