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The Payroll Company Payroll laws for nonprofit organizations can be challenging, as they require dealing with special provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), which is administered by the DOL, and the federal tax code, which is governed by the IRS. Read More

Subscription Business Basics

You may have heard about subscription businesses and what owning a subscription business might be like. This article will help clarify what you may or may not have heard by going through some of the basics of owning and operating a subscription business. According to a well-researched and cited entry in Wikipedia, the subscription business model follows

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Client Financial Mistakes

Clients (and accountants) are human whether we like it or not. And as we know, humans make mistakes. Identifying and fixing financial mistakes is a large part of the effort expended by clients and accountants. An analysis of these efforts make up the crux of this article. According to the AICPA’s Journal of Accountancy, clients

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